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Hiring models for LiveJasmin in Timișoara!

You're probably wondering what advantages other online models have And how they became successful individuals. The answer is as follows:

  • They had the courage and determination to associate themselves with LCM Studio.

  • They set some realistic goals that they wanted to achieve.

  • They saw the profession of a webcam model just like any other legal profession.

Our studio is located in a luxurious villa and is specially designed to meet all your needs.

what do we offer?

Minimum guaranteed income

We offer models who choose to collaborate with LCM Exclusive Jasmin a minimum guaranteed income of 10,000 lei!

The conditions you need to meet in order to receive the minimum guaranteed income are as follows:

  • To collaborate with us from the Studio, full-time
  • The minimum mandatory number of hours: 90 per period, 180 per month
If you meet the conditions, you will benefit from the minimum guaranteed income for 12 months. 



Why collaborate with LCM Studio Exclusive LiveJasmin?

The competitive benefits that the studio offers are both material and professional.
The models in our studio earn a substantial percentage of their earnings.with the possibility for growth. In addition to the financial aspect, online models benefit from periodic training and coaching sessions to improve their skills.

What we want from you:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • To know written and spoken English at a medium level
  • Availability in a daily schedule of 9-10 hours
  • Neat and pleasant physical appearance
Professional training
Photo sessions
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